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Fraser Fir
Fraser Fir

The Fraser Fir has the classic look of the "traditional" Christmas Tree.

White Pine
White Pine

The White Pine has very long, soft needles and branches. It has good needle retention.

Douglas Fir
Douglas Fir

The Douglas Fir is popular for its flat, flexible needles, abundant foliage and straight trunk.

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We have Shipped Christmas Trees to customers in over 48 States, including Anheuser Busch in Tampa, Florida and Signet Jewelers in Dallas, Texas!

You get everything you want in a fresh Christmas Tree or Christmas wreath - moist, fragrant needles, attractive shape and minimal needle drop - all at a great price without the hassle of buying from the local tree lot or big box store.

Everything we do is dedicated to giving you the best tree possible and the best tree-buying experience, and to contribute in whatever way possible to making your holiday special.

Our Mission: is to practice sustainable agriculture and grow natural products.

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Benefits of Buying from Us

Our fresh cut Christmas Trees are shrink wrapped prior to boxing and shipment.
All Christmas Trees arrive with trunks freshly cut, perfectly sized and ready for immediate set-up and trimming.
Although we are not organically certified, we grow Christmas Trees in an environmentally friendly fashion, in grassy fields which are periodically mowed. We use no colorants or chemicals after initial planting of Christmas Tree seedlings.
Real Christmas Trees are biodegradable. Artificial trees, which are typically made of plastic, do not decompose and only contribute to our growing landfill problems.
When you purchase one of our trees you build a connection with us, The Growers, and the soil it is grown in.

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